Calm before the storm?

We start with yet again a mindless idiot mercilessly taking lives in St. Petersburg as he chased his place in the idyllic afterlife. The shocking scenes are becoming all too common and our thoughts are with those affected by this latest abhorrent act of terror.
Following a brief flurry of activity late Friday, the markets appear to be taking a breather ahead of the inevitable spike in volatility on the horizon.
Today's release of the March FOMC minutes may give the markets some direction as will tomorrow's appearance by ECB President Draghi with his sentiments on the European economy.
This week however, the world's eyes will be on President Trump's meeting with Chinese opposite number Xi. North Korea thought it was a good time to ruffle some feathers and add a bit of spice to Thursday's meeting by blasting a missile into the sea........Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that room tomorrow!
After last week's tit-for-tat entertainment following the UK serving it's six-page letter of intent to fellow European members, hostilities resumed as former UKIP leader Nigel Farage proceeded to call the European Commission "the Mafia" and "gangsters" in response to their resolution for a divorce payment to be received before trade negotiations can begin. He was jeered and booed by the same people that stoically deny southern European economies and cultures behave very differently from northern European ones (erm.....Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal)
With the FX market resembling an hibernating bear so far this week with currencies trading in narrow channels, let's take a look at some other things.
Gold is holding firm above $1250 but is very much at the mercy of the Trump and Xi show tomorrow. Another thing to keep an eye on is the behaviour of silver. We've stressed that this could be more of a potentially profitable trade in the long term. Have we seen the bottom of silver prices?
U.S crude inventories were sharply lower which has led to investors to feel that OPEC production cuts are slowly starting to filter into pricing. WTI crude has impressed over the last few days rising from $48pb to start chasing $52pb.
So, back to today and if we don't get the hawkish tone that investors are almost demanding from the FOMC's minutes then the dollar could get hurt again to provide traders with the movement they crave.
Let's see if we get some fireworks to finish the week off.