Yet again we have to start our blog by sending our most heartfelt wishes out, this time to the people of Manchester. For someone to deliberately target a venue where many of the attendees were children and murder at least twenty-two innocent people seriously injuring dozens more simply defies belief. The UK is now at it's highest terror level (critical) with Theresa May warning that another attack is "imminent" from a bunch of "losers" (as Donald Trump calls them) hellbent on succeeding in their warped ideals. There are children who have died and fighting for their lives that are too young to comprehend the word 'terrorism'......absolutely disgusting.
Onto other news now, and the euro has shown some great moves for traders to take advantage of over the last seven days. With huge uncertainty surrounding Donald Trump's triumphant Presidential campaign and potential ties with Russia pre-election, the dollar has been wavering somewhat. EUR/USD sits over 1.12.
Cable is still showing resilience as Theresa May sought to reassure the British public by sending 1000 soldiers out onto the streets. Cable is trading in a band between 1.28/1.30.
Meanwhile, modern day stocks euphoria knows no bounds with even more new all-time highs being created despite ratings agencies downgrading China's economy. Several industrial commodities took an immediate hit following the news amid reports that China is actually in a bigger bubble than first thought.
Elsewhere, the ECB's Financial Stability Review warned "exuberant house price developments in certain regions could, in principle, threaten the stability of financial institutions with mortgage exposures". In other words, the figures obviously don't stack up and the ECB is running scared of the time quantitative easing stops and interest rates start to rise. Now, considering the ECB have caused these problems in the first place through huge QE and negative interest rates therefore refusing to allow the markets to normalise themselves, then we wish them all the best luck when the tide goes out and we find out who's wearing a swimming costume and who's not!
With many institutional investors starting to sell-off their large holdings in stocks, we fear that the classic 'dump' on markets is fast approaching and the usual victims will be the small retail investors taking considerable losses. Be careful!
Have a peaceful weekend.