So, let's begin with Donald Trump sending missiles into Syria to destroy a military camp that seemingly was responsible for the gas attack on Syrian civilians. Trump's opinion of Assad seems to have changed rather quickly following TV pictures shown to the world in the aftermath. Assad actually appears to have been let off lightly as it's rumoured Trump was thinking of summoning the help of a United Airlines crew for a bit of extra muscle but decided against it at the last minute. Apparently Donald informed China President Xi of the airstrikes over a delightful evening meal. Unfortunately cameras didn't catch the moment of Xi almost choking on his chocolate cake! Trump certainly knows the best time to deliver bad news!
In the immediate aftermath of Trump's retaliation, the investment world threw itself into panic mode and bought dollars like they were going out of fashion fearing a strong response from Russia's Putin and his allies. However things soon calmed down which let other currencies regain some of the lost ground.
At the G7 meeting, Boris Johnson's demands for sanctions to be implemented against Russia and Syria were blocked pending an investigation into who actually carried out the gas attack.
Not content with upsetting Russia and Iran, Trump proceeded to send an "armada" to the Korean Peninsula in a show of military strength against North Korea. Kim Jong-Un responded by announcing that he would put his PlayStation controller down for five minutes and blast another missile off. Oh happy days!
Geopolitical risks abound just about everywhere one looks and this has caused a leap in the race for safe-havens such as gold and silver. At the time of writing, the yellow metal is trading at $1287 and depending on what happens over the extended weekend we could easily see it bust through $1300 very soon.
Trump has confirmed that he supports a weaker dollar and low interest rates which is putting pressure on the greenback and global stocks.
Expect increasing pressure on the euro next week in the run-up to the first round of French elections with the contest simply too tight to call at the moment. Should the unthinkable happen and Marine Le Pen eventually wins, she has promised to march her country straight to the 'Frexit' doors. One suspects that Jean Claude Juncker's bedtime cocoa doesn't taste too sweet right now! Oh yes, next week won't be short of trading opportunities.
We wish all our readers around the world a very peaceful holiday period. Happy Easter everyone!