Offshore Services

Offshore Services

Offshore Services

Offshore Services

Offshore Company Formation

Vision Wealth can recommend the best jurisdiction depending on your circumstances and the type of business you wish to incorporate. We can offer company formations in over 12 countries.

Offshore Bank Accounts

Vision Wealth can assist and help to set up an offshore bank account. In most cases there is no need to travel in person to open the account. There are several advantages to holding some of your assets abroad and Vision Wealth can provide full details. Due to banks due diligence requirements we do not guarantee that a client will be successful in obtaining an offshore bank account.

Asset Protection & Trusts

Vision Wealth provides a full asset protection and trust service. Trusts are set up offshore in established and very secure jurisdictions. Set up and annual maintenance costs are very competitive.

Residency Programs

Vision Wealth can provide advice on the current and very best residency programs available, including direct investment and property investment. Some programs also offer a second passport as part of the process.

Gold Storage

Gold has always been considered a “safe haven” for investors however buying physical Gold comes with the problem of storage. Vision Wealth has access to several Gold storage companies that offer totally secure facilities and very competitive costs.

Safe Deposit Box Service

Store all you valuable documents in the most secure environment. Vision Wealth has access to the very best safe deposit box service in Europe offering a premium service at a low cost.

Please note Vision Wealth does not accept US clients.